Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Love My Gram.

If you hadn't noticed, Gram and I have taken a few weeks off from cooking. Gram's feeling a little punk lately, and summer got BIZ-ZAY, and so we decided that rather than stress over getting our cooking in (and, subsequently, turning what was intended to be a good bonding time into a stressful "just get it done" time), that we'd just let life simmer down before diving back in.

I do want to share this with you, though. Gram is always so flattered by what I write of her, so she wanted to "repay" the kind words to me. What follows is a little letter. From the mouth of Gram. :)

(I love this lady.)

My Muffy- (a childhood nickname)        
Cooking with you every Monday is truly a joy for me. You don't know how much you mean to me! 
Taking the better part of one day a week out of your busy schedule, to spend with your Gram is a gift to me that is priceless.        
Our conversations, whether light and funny or deep and serious, or just goofing off are so uplifting for me.        
Thank you, honey, for the understanding, support, love and laughter. I LOVE YOU!                                                      
I'm not sure if I've ever gotten across just how much my Grandma means to me. I treasure our relationship and the bond we share and I am so grateful that, through this blog, we discovered a way to spend some quality time together!

Thank you, friends, for being a part of this. In the Kitchen with Gram will be back up and running in just a couple of weeks!


  1. so sweet! I get so excited thinking that I'll soon be able to do stuff like this again with my grandmother. Yay!

  2. What an incredible gift and a blessing to spend time with your grandma. It reminds me of times I spent with my grandmother - who now lives in heaven.

  3. your Gram's letter brought tears to my eyes! (I'm SUCH a sap) but it's a real treasure. I'm glad for the special bonding time you get to spend together and that you share it with us. I hope she's feeling much better real soon!

  4. Aww you are so lucky to still have your Gram! Enjoy every moment. What a lovely letter she wrote.

  5. Awww, this post melted my heart. How incredibly sweet! Hug your Gram from your bloggy friends :)


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