Monday, August 12, 2013

What a Weekend!

You know that when you haven't logged onto your computer in 5 days that life's been busy. Whoa nelly, it's been busy...but fun!!

After working Wednesday and Thursday, I rushed home, finished packing up for our family reunion weekend, and rushed right back out the door...for 4 days of fun with family! Crazy thing is about my family, is that I actually enjoy spending time with them. They're funny and goofy and everyone gets along so's a weekend we look forward to all year!

This year was even more special...we celebrated the marriage of one one of my cousins AND the upcoming marriage of another cousin! 

We ate, we laughed, we fished and swam and played "Around the World Badminton" (did y'all know that it was "badminton" and not "badmitton", I did not know this, and now I feel silly) and cutthroat croquet games and some participated in the annual "Them vs. Us" softball game. And we ate. A LOT.

And some of us, ahem *notmentioningnames*, may have gotten slightly buzzed after a "Girls Only" trip into town for a bloody Mary. Or two. And then some of us, ahem, may have had their own personal dance party to "Blurred Lines" whilst playing badminton. Man, I can really dance. I mean, wait. What? Me? No. Quick, look over there! A meteor!

Then...the last night we were there, I received a voicemail from my bestie that said, "DUPA! I've got news! Call me!". I called her back quickly and she shouted "I'M ENGAGED!!!!!" and I squeeeee'd a SQUEE so loud it may have been the "Squee Heard 'Round the World". Guys, this girl is amazing and her fiance is such a great guy and she has an amazing story about what God has done/is doing in her's just wonderful.

EEEEEEEK!!! Still so excited.

Anyway, best news ever topped off a wonderful weekend...and now, the "Kid and Mom Day" school shopping commences. Baby Girl goes first this afternoon. (How is my baby going to school already?!)


  1. I'm totally jealous! That sounds like an amazing weekend (and the pictures say it right along with all your wonderful words). Glad you guys had a nice weekend!


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