Sunday, August 25, 2013

Real Time...

Been awhile since I've done a "real time" post, so here goes!

Currently, laying beside me is a soon to be Kindergartner (sob, cry, wail) telling me she loves me "in the whole wide world" and singing to herself...trying to stay awake, I presume.

I, am laying here, ice pack beneath my bum shoulder, lamenting the end of summer. The end of 8:30 pm suppers and 10:30 pm bedtimes. Also of note, I am not one of those moms who tries to get my kids to bed early in anticipation if the new school routine. No way, nuh uh.

The school year takes my kids away from me enough the way it is, they aren't gonna get my last of summer, too!! I look at the first week of school as our transition time.

My kids' teachers probably hate me. 

My skin is wet. Like, clammy...the AIR is clammy, for that matter! So hot and humid here, even the rainforests are laughing at us and it doesn't look like its gonna get any better anytime soon.

Which makes me somewhat grateful for this aching shoulder and a good excuse to hog the ice pack to cool me off. 

Two days ago I started "Operation Minimize Mama" in an attempt to shape up for my bestie's wedding!! Today I came in under my calorie goal and My Fitness Pal scolded me saying I was going to go into starvation mode. I figure my deficit today made up for last night's excess.

Alright...time for this girl to hit the hay. Hubby just came to bed and blessed baby girl and I. Love that man...


  1. Fussed at for under calorie goal, now that's funny!

  2. I don't make my kids go to bed early until I have to either. That's what the school year is for right? Summer is for late bed times and sleeping in. Besides, my kids would ask me that question, "School is not tomorrow so why can't I stay up late now?"

    In fact last night when I announced it was time to get ready for bed my son somehow thought that we had decided that during this new school year his bed time would be a whole hour later than usual. So he was quite upset when I wasn't swayed. Can you tell he wasn't ready for summer to end either?


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