Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just When I Think I'm So Smart.

Someone goes and beats me to the punch...or, I guess, strikes with a stronger punch?

Remember this post?

The "ADCD" phrase that I thought I coined? Yeah, now I'm seeing it all over Facebook in a cutesy little cartoon photo. Fer dumb.

And, remember this braid? Yeah, thought I created this beautiful style...only to discover that a popular blog also claims to have created it. Fer double dumb.

Then, there's the inadvertent, catchy titles I sometimes come up with...and then realize that some uber popular blogger titled one of her posts the same. Guess I file those away in my brain and then think, "Oh, I KNOW! I'll call this "Girls Room Redo"!!" and think I'm all smart and sassy and fun and then realize I must've actually tucked The Pioneer Woman's blog post into the recesses of my mind.

I promise I'm not a thief.

I'm just not as organically and originally cute as I thought I was.

Not nearly as clever as I once believed.

And, apparently, forgetful of stuff I read on other sites.

But...can I at least claim "Fer dumb"? Even if it's not mine (but I think it is)...can I have it?

Just like all the others,

1 comment:

  1. I think that you are being just way too hard on yourself...good on you for taking the plunge and putting some stuff 'out there' instead of meekly sitting back 'just in case someone else has already done it'...don't forget that 'great minds often think alike' and 'similar problems often have similar solutions'...


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