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So, Kate's Havin' a Baby?

We all woke up to news this morning that Princess Kate was in labor...which makes me kinda excited!

I know most Brits have a different attitude toward the Royal Family than we Americans do, but bottom line? It's a baby being born to (what seems to be) a wonderful couple...and THAT'S something to celebrate in and of itself!

The mother in me feels so bad for Kate. I can't imagine what kind of security they have to have to protect this precious new life...but good golly. The fear. We all become protective of our children...but what if your child was a target because of your position in life?

I'll take my quiet, "unprivileged", little corner of the world, thankyouverymuch.

Honestly though? With the Kim Kardashians and "16 and Pregnant" girls representing pregnant American women...I'm kind of sad that Kate isn't ours. Her grace and beauty and the way she handled this pregnancy (quietly, modestly, in a strong, healthy relationship) is exemplary. THIS is the type of role model our young girls need!

Perhaps I have a "Disneyfied" view of the Royal goings-on, but what I see is impressive, so Kate, Thank you. Thank you for being the classy woman you are.

Now, on the flip side...wouldn't it be kind of hilarious if Kate and Will named their baby something totally trendy? Forget the Edwards and the Henrys and the Elizabeths and Carolines...what if they did something totally trendy or off the wall? Like "Ariel"...or "Giselle"...or "Kyle"...or "Riley"...or "Castle"? Can you imagine?

Back to social media stalking of the Royal Labor...


  1. I can't believe I have followed Princess Kate as much as I have...I was never into British royalty but she is such a class act it's impossible not to love her!! I agree, wish she was ours as an example! Congrats to the royal couple!

  2. maybe because I am pregnant but I feel bad for Kate. Can you imagine the pressure to have the baby. Like when someone comes to visit and you want to have the baby while they are there. Can you imagine the whole country watching you and waiting


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