Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Busy Bees...

After preparing and packing for a vacation...we NEED a vacation!!

Holy man. This is a lot of work!

The pink eye saga continues...last evening the 4th of 5 children fell victim. Thank you to whomever recommended the tea bags (I'm too lazy to go look right now!)...while they don't seem to be shortening the course, the kids all say they are super soothing to their irritated eyes!

On Day 4 for Hambone, his eyes are not quite as fiery red, but still swollen and goopy.

I'm now certain that we're dealing with viral pink eye...the doc said Hambone had "hemorrhagic conjunctivitis" (sounds horrible, huh?!) which is most commonly caused from a virus. Seeing as how the drops aren't really helping one bit, I think she's spot on. Call me a horrible mother, but I was actually HOPING that we were dealing with a bacterial conjunctivitis, 'cuz then the drops would've helped quickly.

Instead...we're left to run the course.


I'm busting out my inner hippie and using some oils in addition to the tea bags!

Okay, we've got a van to cram full of stuff and I'm CERTAIN I'm gonna forget something, so I'm signing off! 

Prepare yourself for loads of lake laden photos!


  1. Glad it's helping some... When I had pink eye (got it from the kiddos I work with) and didn't have health insurance at the time, I had to look it up on the ole' internet. I know it's harder to do with kids but if you can keep the film rinsed off of the eyes it will make them less irritated too. My son hates water or drops put in his eyes so the last time he had it we used a lot of tea bags, but once I convinced him to rinse his eyes often and keep his hands super clean it was so much better.

  2. Visine allergy drops also work extremely well to ease the symptoms of viral pink eye. Hope they are all better soon!

  3. Sorry about the pink eye! Glad it's on the way out as you shove off on your vacay. Did I miss the memo about no 5QF this week? Do you remember Schoolhouse Rock jingle about interjections? Let me sing a bit for you..."so when you're happy: HOORAY! or SAD: Awww, Excited: WOW! or mad: RATS! la la la dee dee dee da...Well, all I have to say is, "Awww" for me and "Hooray" for your all. Have fun and I look forward to the myriad lake photos!

  4. Ohhh, poor thing! Sending prayers for a speedy recovery!


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