Sunday, January 29, 2012

Real Time...


Currently, in my life:

I'm lying beside a certain Baby Girl who is whining because my bedside lamp is on. To which I say, "Get in yer own dang bed, then!" ;)

Wondering why asparagus makes your pee smell. Grody.

Not looking forward to my three day work week. I know, I know THREE WHOLE DAYS, right? Yeah,'s one more than I usually work and one less with the family and boo.

Two people in our house are celebrating birthdays this week...anyone remember who?

Had a delicious supper at my parent's tonight...replete with DQ's for dessert! Yum. *burp*

Trying to decide which Mexico post to do next...random Mexico madness or Mama's Epic Meltdown? Hmmmmm...decisions, decisions.

Have a new BlogHer giveaway post coming up tomorrow...gotta get that all scheduled to post. Make sure you stop back tomorrow and enter!

Realizing that I need to pick back up on the Reader's Digest posts...those are fun for me.

Well...I think that's it. The "heartbeat" sound on my Baby's recently "re-discovered" sound machine thing-a-ma-jig is making me sleepy.

See you right back here in the morning! G'night y'all!

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