Sunday, December 11, 2011

Real Time...

Sitting in bed...grateful to have been "on-call" for the last four hours of my shift tonight. I planned on being more productive, maybe even wrapping a few presents, but then a certain someone fell asleep on me and wiped away any and all ambition I had.

She never does this. Ever. So, I enjoyed it. I savored the warmth of her little footie jamma'ed body snuggled up against me.

It was heavenly.

The little sleeping angel is currently snoozing away in between the Mr. and I. He is reading a book and I...well, you know what I'm doing!

I have a fun review/giveaway coming up this week that I think you'll enjoy! Our kids LOVED them...and I LOVED them for the quiet that suddenly descends upon our home when they bring these out!

I'm about to start working on a post about the evil new creature amongst us.

My throat hurts.

My shopping list is dwindling...and more will be tackled tomorrow, as my mom and I (and the babe) hit the mall. Hopefully she (the babe, not my mom) is in good spirits and enjoys shopping tomorrow...or it'll be painful for all of us.

Our room is chilly. Which is weird, since the temp outside today was something around 44 degrees. Un. Heard. Of. around these parts in December.

My psyche is still all stressed about about the potential (real and very possible) for there to be NO WHITE CHRISTMAS this year. I cry tiny tears whenever I think about that possibility. Little to no snow on the forecast. And the "little" that there is, is only like a 30% chance.

So, yeah, not looking good.

But anyway...I have to get going on that introduction post for tomorrow, so, nighty night for now!

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  1. Awe...your little one is adorable! I miss those times with my kids, but now I get to enjoy the grandbabies like that.

    I hope your throat gets to feeling better. There's so much going around these days.
    And I hope you get your snow. We never do...but S. Arkansas weather is so unpredictable...anything is possible!

    Enjoy your shopping tomorrow!


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