Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Real Time...

Hi. How are you? Me? Oh, I'm just a harried, frenzied mother of five who tries her darndest every dang year to ENJOY the Christmas season, but always seem, somehow, to fall short.

I'm sitting here beside a little girl who DOES NOT want to go to bed, staring down a massive pile of gifts that need wrapping, trying to organize in my mind what I want to bake for sure, realizing that I really need to go through all the gifts to see who still needs what under the tree.

Went to confession tonight and absolutely adored the priest I went to. He was chatty, warm, friendly...I went "behind the screen" and part way through my confession nearly got up to go sit in front of him!

At the very end of my confession, after the prayers and blessings he asked me, "Do you have a cell phone?"

"Yes." I replied.

"Imagine, if you gave as much attention to God as you did your cell phone...*friendly chuckle*'d be a saint!"


Seriously...sitting here, snuggled into bed still pondering that. I'm convinced God whispered in ear, "Yo. Padre. This one needs a reminder about how much she is on her phone."

I've got to work in the morning...but I'm telling you what. You HAVE to stop by here in the morning. HAVE TO.

If you are a Christian woman (or man, looking for an amazing little something) forever transforming in're gonna want to stop back here tomorrow.

It's a beautiful little something shiny and gorgeous and dear to my heart.

And I have one to giveaway to one of YOU.

Have I piqued your interest?



  1. I loved this. I wonder what would happen if I turned off my cellie for an entire day for advent? ?

  2. I went to confession on Tuesday night.
    I made no mention at all about my prayer life.
    For my penance, the priest told me to contemplate and talk to God about how much time I spend with Him - and try to carve out more time in my day to do so.
    I was floored seeing as though I made no mention about that whatsoever and it's a struggle of mine.
    Sometimes God just likes to blow ya outta the water!


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