Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lantern Sneak Peek...

I said I would. Wait. No I didn't...I said maybe I would. But I'm gonna.

Yes, at 11:30 pm, but still!

Okay, here is one of my favorite photos...the Mr. took this with his phone. I was *this* close to not having any photos of it...I forgot my camera back at the house, but lucky for me I have a strapping husband who was willing to jog the jaunt back to the house to get it.

Me? I would've died 17 steps into that jog and then, so sad, instead of "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" it would've been "Mama Had a Heart Attack Jogging Home For Her Camera", not quite the same ring to it, but still just as tragic as grandma and her reindeer accident.

So, thankfully, my husband and his musculature saved the day and we DID indeed get photos. Lots. And they're good ones.

And I'm so glad we did this.

Here is your sneak peek...my boy and his lantern:

More tomorrow...

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