Monday, December 12, 2011

She May be Pretty...Part 1

But she's pure, unadulterated, evil.

The fact that she's even here in the first place is telling. Using her beauty to win us over and gain entry into our family.

Friends, meet "the evil" one...aka "Nikki". (She came with a name, not our pick. I'd like to change it, but don't know if I can and wonder what I would sound like shouting "SATAN! COME!" every time she ran away. More on that in a bit.)

See, here's the dealio...we got her from a farmer that the Mr. works with. They live on a farm close to a busy highway and already had two dogs. In his words, she was "too good of a dog" for him.

We got her for free. She's purebred. Registered. Gorgeous.

And still all puppy at 1 year old. Puppy = evil.

Since she's new to us, and still "rambunctious", we kept her and Dora in the garage for the majority of the time when she first arrived, which made Dora depressed. Seriously. She wouldn't get out of her dog house.

I told my husband..."Nikki is totally like the pretty, new girl in high school. Comes in, everybody loves her, she's gorgeous, gets all the attention...", no wonder Dora was depressed.

One day, I let them out to play in the snow (back when this was still Minnesota that I lived in and not some balmy, mild wintered, snowless state) and do their deeds.

I was watching them frolic in the snow, chasing and playing with each other and my heart grew two sizes that day (see, I didn't really want her in the first place...more on that at a different date). Watching them play was so fun.


Dora, our trusty old trustworthy trusty trusting trustful lab, came running toward me. Full speed ahead, but you see...I TRUST HER.

She skirted around me, like I knew she would, and I turned back to see what the pup was up to. What I saw was a beautiful sight. Golden Retriever fur flowing in the wind as she gained speed with her running. Running right toward me.

Hooooo, boy! This is getting long...I don't want to lose you "short attention span-ers", so I'll post part two later today, m'kay?

Over 'n out!


  1. She's so pretty. I love Golden Retrievers!

  2. Too funny! She is a pretty girl! My name is Nikki and I think I've been associated with being evil a time or two :) Must be something with that darn name!

  3. She looks like Willow!

    She's a beauty, M. Goldens are so loyal and loving. They're extremely quick to learn new things and they'll protect you.

    I thought Wills was a dud until one day he almost ate some dude who greeted me at the part.

    And the best part? When he lays across my cold feet.

    You'll love her!


    PS: Goldens are puppyish until they're 2. Just sayin.


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