Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Real Time...Mexican Version!

Ahhhhh...this is the life. 

Mid 80's. Sunshine galore. Crashing waves at my back.

Still a puddle of relaxation from my trip to the spa this morning. Indulged in a one hour massage followed by a hydrotherapy session. Whoa...have any of y'all ever done a hydrotherapy session? It was awesome! In a weird way.

First, a steam room. Like, bordering on uncomfortable "I can't breathe" steam...just when I was about to wave my white towel they came and got me and put me in...

A cold shower!!!! Oddly refreshing and invigorating...and the 10 seconds I spent in there was plenty!! It kind of went back and forth like that, hot treatment, cold treatment, and ended with swim in the biggest jacuzzi I'd ever seen.

Currently waiting for the Mr. to return from his deep sea fishing adventure. (I was supposed to join him but bailed and did the spa treatment glad I did now!!

Signing off and leaving you with a glimpse of our view...

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  1. Ahh yes, the irreplaceable feeling of total relaxation. A break from the the city life and a time to let one's body and mind recover from all the stress it has incurred over time. I could almost feel the waves crashing on the sand with these photos you shared! Thanks!

    Eva Pacheco


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