Tuesday, February 4, 2014

6 Years...

Crazy how 6 years can pass in the blink of an eye!!

Sunday, we celebrated my sweet baby's 6th birthday. SIX?!?! How is she six????? Seriously.

She is amazing. At times cranky and cantankerous, she is also just as sweet and loving and smooshy and wonderful. For example: I was lounging on the couch yesterday and she came up behind me to give me a massage for my birthday (yup, we share the same birthday!).

She was SO. EXCITED!!! for this birthday...so flippin' cute. We got home from my parents on Saturday night, she let out an excited little "eeeeek!!" and promptly declared, "I'm going to bed RIGHT NOW so my birthday will be here sooner!!"...and sure enough, a few minutes later, I found her, still in her clothes, tucked into our bed and sound asleep!

Gosh dang, do I ever love that girl. 

She can be frustratingly stubborn, unwilling to give, and downright bullheaded, but you know...I think it'll serve her well in life. (This girl won't take ANYONE'S crap!!)

She truly is the perfect ending to our family. The spark of our clan. The one that everyone looks out for. The true "baby" of the family. Her biggest brother dotes on her. Her youngest brother is her best friend. Her middle brother has the least patience for her, and her sister loves to pamper her and be girly with her!

When I was pregnant with this little spark, we thought she was going to be a gigantic boy...when she came out a little pipsqueak girl, we were so surprised!! I should've known then, that she was full of spunk!!

She makes me smile from the inside out.

This babe of mine, this icing on our family cake, this little firecracker, is a true blessing from God. 

And I am so incredibly grateful that he chose me to be her mama.

I hope I do her proud.

Happy birthday to our sweet little stubborn spunk! We love you!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you and your precious little girl. x


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