Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ups and Downs.

Today was an emotional roller coaster.

Our sweet, lovable pup, Nikki, passed away this morning...while we're not sure exactly what it was, she was being treated for an ear infection, and had had a couple of seizures with it. We woke to her seizing, and can't be certain how long it had been going on.

When she came out of the seizure, her breathing was labored...the kind of labored breathing that made my nurse's brain know that it wasn't good. BUT...she had had odd behaviors in the past (which we now think were probably post seizure behaviors) and had come out of it just fine. However, when the Mr. went to check on her at lunch time, she was gone.

And then I had to break my Belle's sweet, soft heart when she came to my office after school.

There were tears. Many. And sorrowful squeaks and heart broke for her, even while I tried to explain that Nikki wasn't suffering any more. 

Oh, yeah...and Belle lost a chick this morning.

It was a super tough day for her.

But then, we got home...and there was a suspiciously large envelope from my alma mater, addressed to my biggest boy, who had recently applied to attend college there. You know what they say in the world of college letters: Big envelopes = good news. 

Pal hadn't heard that yet, so when I handed him the envelope, he glanced at it and set it aside (granted, his mood wasn't the best either...I caught him on his cell phone just before he got home to let him know about Nikki). I then told him the aforementioned theory on big envelopes from colleges and he opened it up and sure enough:

"Congratulations, Pal! We have reviewed your application and would love to welcome you!" (Or something along those lines...)

Boy, that is one great way to brighten a person's day!

My heart is still heavy, it's hard losing a pet. :(


  1. Oh my goodness...rough day! My heart breaks for you guys! We had to put our Molly down over a year ago, and I STILL tear up about it! Darn pets and their unconditional love!!!

  2. So sorry about your pup! My little house dog has seizures too...I remember the first one, it scared me to no end! Luckily we have his under control with organic dog food and meds.

  3. Hugs. Sorry about your pup!! I think about that with our dog and dread telling my kids when the day comes!! But hey - great news for Pal! :)

  4. I am sorry for the loss of your pet. Congratulations to Pal!


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