Sunday, October 20, 2013

Real Time...Weekend Edition.

Well, here I sit, with my family scattered about the house, basking in the goodness that is life,  and recuperating from yesterday...

Last night I was the "hostess" for a smashing party for my sweet Tara and her soon-to-groom. I'll level with you guys, I'm not much of a planner...cake? Oh, yeah, cake. Nametags? Whodathunk it? Games? Gah. But, thankfully for me, Tara has amazing people.

And, with the new job starting and some photo sessions planned prior to the new gig and a rescheduled birthday party (want some fun? Take five 12 year old girls to a haunted hayride/house...hilarity!!)...and on Wednesday I was panicking...I hadn't been able to give the party the attention I'd wanted to and holy moly I was about to sink.

Tara's friend Reggie saved the day (and my life) when she helped with the games and basically just agreed to stand by my side. Then, she also stepped up and manned the door and directed people on where to go/what to do. She was SUCH a blessing!!!

Anywho, the kiddos are currently tuned into Phineas and Ferb on the iPad, while the weather outside has us all thinking about Christmas.

Yup, it snowed today...not much, not enough to really stick to the ground much, but our deck is covered and it sure is a reminder that the holiday season is just around the corner!'

Belle has pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven, after the kiddos carved their pumpkins from the garden. I have a love/hate relationship with pumpkin seeds...I love the idea of munching on them, but I really kinda hate them when I do. They remind me of eating sunflower seeds with the shells on!

Oh, and JUST WAIT until I show you what I got in the mail on Friday...squeee!! Fun. Put a smile on my face and growl in my tummy. :)

Tomorrow I fly solo at my new job...eeeeek!! I've got this. I totally got this. I think. I hope. ;) My sweet Belle just said the other day, "Mom, it's gonna be like you're a stay at home mom with this new'll be home whenever we are!!!"

Exactly, my girl...exactly. 

And, because this photo makes me grin from deep inside...a peek at our haunted hayride girls!


  1. Snow?!! SNOW?!!! Oh so jealous!! We are finally getting some fall weather in New Orleans :)

    Sounds like your party was a great success :) I'm not good at hostessing either. It's amazing what people can do with parties now.

  2. The party was an AWESOME success and you were marvelous! Thank you for all you've done and are doing for Dale and I as we prepare for marriage :) You're an amazing Co-MOH and don't you forget it :)
    love you, Dupa!

  3. How cool is it that you had someone step up and help like that. I love good friends that do things like that for myself and my friends.

    I've never had pumpkin seeds, not sure if it's a tragedy or not.

    Hope your job is going well this week.


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