Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Advance Apologies

So, I'm about to do something.

Something that will likely cause the weather to abruptly make a turn for the worse.

I'm about to change out my summer clothes for winter clothes. Now, this exchange usually bears more weight in the Spring, when the last thing we want is to be jinxed with more snow, but I'm pretty sure the summer clothes exchanges bodes just as poorly for us.

Our fall has (so far) been absolutely glorious. Beautiful.  Breathtaking. (In fact, our world is MORE green now, than it was in August!) Sometimes hedging on "hot", even. But, I fear with this swapping of clothes, that I'm about to ruin the weather...

And so, I am apologizing to everyone. Please forgive me for causing the dreadful weather that is likely to come within the next several days.

Respectfully yours,

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