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In the Kitchen With Gram...Ham and Asparagus Crepes!

This recipe is a recreation of a delectable dish my gram would order at a quaint little restaurant in Venice, Fl, back when they were snow birds down there! 

I believe she said the restaurant was "Le Petite Jardin"...doesn't it sound delightful?! Just that name makes me want to go there and lunch!

Okay, first up, make yourself some crepes (I'll put the link below to our previous crepe recipe we posted):

Then, make some "asparagus puree" (Trust me, it will be...)

Cook some asparagus until just that side of al dente. Which side? Well, whichever side it is that you prefer your asparagus cooked to...I like it just beyond al dente. However, forget to take a photo of this, cuz that how we roll...

Whip up a bechamel sauce...butter,



Salt and some nutmeg!

Now, mix some of that bechamel sauce with your asparagus puree:

And line up your wrap ingredients...ham, asparagus, crepes, bechamel, and asparagus puree (also, I think some Swiss cheese would be OUT OF THIS WORLD on these!):

Now, start wrapping...ham on top of crepe,

Then asparagus,

Then puree,

Then fold in sides:

Top with bechamel and warm in oven until heated through.

Mmmmmmm are these delicious, and a smidge on the "fancy but easy" side!

Gram's Ham and Asparagus Crepes

Crepes (Recipe here)
Ham, very thinly sliced
Al dente-ish asparagus, lightly steamed
Very well cooked asaparagus for puree, about 4 stalks, cut into pieces and pureed in blender.

Bechamel Sauce:
1 stick butter
1/2 cup flour
Milk (start with 2-3 cups, keep pouring and mixing until "drizzleable" consistency)
1-2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg

Lay out a crepe, place 2 pieces of ham on crepe, top with 4 (or more, if desired) pieces of asparagus, spread approx 2 T asparagus puree over the top of the asparagus, fold sides if crepe over ham and asparagus, top with bechamel sauce, place in 350* oven until warmed through!



  1. Hey I just wanted to stop in and let you know how awesome you are! I love your blog so much, I have been a follower since I started my blog almost three years ago. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award, because your posts are always so happy and uplifting! You can check out my post about it here @

  2. I love asparagus. Will definitely have to try this! Looks like it would be fun to make too :)


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