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Google Reader?

So, word on the street is that Google Reader is going away (has gone away?)...which leads me to ask...what next?

I mean, for those of you that used Google Reader, what are you going to use now? Is there something else out there? I ask, because I'm totally not savvy with this...I've always been a "go to the site" kind of reader because, hey, if there's any one else out there who makes a few cents from their blog, I want to give them the tenth of a penny that my visit is worth! ;)

Also, is this whole "Google Reader Be-Gone" thing the cause that number next to the "G+ Share" sign on the top of this blog is rapidly decreasing? And my "followers" too (I know that "following" meant that that blog was added to your reader, right?)? Or, is it that people are just sick of my mundane talk? :) Wait, maybe don't answer that.

Anyway, I've heard of Blog Lovin'? Is that next? Is that were people are heading to streamline their blog reading? If so, feel free to add my URL to your feed...the people pleaser in me would be happy to have you do that.

Alright...carry on. And check back tomorrow for a recipe that is one of Gramp's favorites! Super easy!

Later dudes.


  1. Bloglovin' is the suggested switch. I am liking it so far.

  2. I like Bloglovin', aside from the HUGE ad that decides to hangout as their header seconds after the page has loaded...I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on that damn thing...

    1. That ad has just started appearing since the Google Reader announcement. It was not there before.

  3. I like Bloglovin. You can import your Google blogs into it very easily.

  4. I am on BlogLovin now. I have already added your blog to it as one that i follow. :) I have also heard of Feedly. I signed up to see which i like best, & I am leading towards Feedly. Check it out! Both are to follow blogs in. And I go to the person's page too, this just helps me to keep up with them all better than just bookmarking them.

  5. I started using Feedly: it gives you the option to automatically transfer over your Google Reader feeds onto it.

  6. The Old Reader is what it is called and looks and acts almost exactly like Google Reader. It has an addon for Chrome but none for Firefox as of yet.


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