Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End of the World...and a 5QF postponement.

Okay, seeing as how it's 10:46 and I still have a list so long it could wrap around the world 4,289,311,234 times, I'm going to postpone 5QF this week. I know, and after I begged for questions all dang day.

Please don't hate me.

So, what do you all think about this whole "world ending" thing tomorrow? Selfishly, I'd rather go out like that, with all my loved ones than to go out singularly, you know? Is that bad? Anyway, how, exactly, is, the world supposed to end? And when? 'Cuz I'd like to know if I need to worry about supper and whether or not I need to make sure my kids have clean underwear for Saturday.

Seeing as how it's already tomorrow in other parts of the world, I'm guessing we're in the clear. But...WAIT. Has anyone heard from the Australians?

I was hoping to get my Christmas baking done this week, but instead? I made a hockey meal, I shopped, I baked with Gram (posts some point), I wrapped presents, I broke my agitator, I called for new parts, I helped with a bathroom remodel, I took a bath (squee!!!), I went shopping again even though I swore up and down and side to side that I was not going to go back to the mall EVER AGAIN, I watched a couple of hockey games and a couple of dance classes and now? Now I'm facing 4 days of work.

Hopefully I'll get lucky enough to get on call on Christmas Eve...and on Sunday as well. Slacker, I know.

It is my goal to get some cookie recipes posted for you stay tuned! And, watch for 5QF to be back in action next week!! Thanks for your patience!


  1. I wrote what I think about it right here!! → ←
    See ya next week! kjaggers

  2. Will miss the questions but I'll take that time to get caught up on my to-do list. Crazy next few days!

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it can't be, I could not link last week because of things going on in my house. so PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE post.
    Totally okay and cannot wait to see the bathroom re model

  4. Saturday morning here in Australia - we made it, lol!!
    Love your blog

  5. I kind of agree, not that I want (or believed that this was our time) for the world to end, but yeah... all at once, all together, nice idea :)

    Ohhhhhh, cookie recipes!!! Share, please please please share! I want to start a family tradition of making cookies (even if it's possible that I might be diagnosed with gestational diabetes), I'd like to have the tradition :)

  6. Too funny! I hate going to the dentist and had an appointment on Friday... so, I sent a message to my hygienist and told her that the world ending was the best excuse ever for missing an appointment. She made me come anyways.

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2


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