Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Real Time...

Currently in my household...

I am lying beside a baby who is playing with my iPhone. Somehow, we've gotten into some very bad sleep habits with her. Sigh. Like everything else in life, she's proven to be SO different from our other kids!

The "other kids" are peacefully sleeping in their respective beds...well, actually, I think Hambone chose to sleep with Belle tonight. Belle, who is patiently awaiting the arrival of the (she knows) "toothfairy". Again, sigh. #parentfail

Did I just use a hashtag in a blog post? Ugh.

I keep loving glancing at my "new" camera. Okay, so it's not new. In fact, it's almost one, but I just received a new battery grip for it and it looks all grown up and "new"! See?

That piece I'm holding onto at the bottom is the grip. I haven't really decided if I prefer it's "functionality" yet, but the feel and the look? Love it...even if it is a bit heavier!

Totally enjoying a text conversation I'm having with my best friend, Dr. J. Laughing. A lot. (Sorry, J.!!)

Looking forward to having lunch tomorrow with a great friend. Gonna have a little tag-a-long in the form of Baby Girl, but that's alright.

I need to figure out how one goes about getting a membership or account or privileges or whatever it's called at a professional lab. Mpix? That's one, right? And something else...Whitesomethingorother? Anyway...

Okay...time for bed! Remember...tomorrow is the 5QF sneak peek, so offer up some questions for me! Please?


  1. Very interesting description made about. Lovely post.


  2. I've never seen a battery grip before. Actually, never heard of one before. Is it just utilized to help you hold the camera, or are their other useful purposes that I need to know about, because if so, I gotta have it! :)


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