Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mexico Funny

There was a lot of funny in Mexico...particularly with my 1/16 Scottish husband the morning of the whale watch, but y'all know about that one already.

I was browsing through photos, when I ran across these beauts. My baby bro was playing "Photographer" because T. and I had asked him to take a photo of us. My baby bro being the baby bro that he is, started saying things like, "Do Mr. W when he was drunk!" "Do Mama when she was sad!" "What's Mr. gonna be like later?!"

And, apparently, these were our interpretations:

What I love, though, is my mom's reaction in the background in the following!

What a hoot! And, tan lines are all but gone. As they were fading, I couldn't help but think they were just a cruel reminder about how horribly, awfully, painfully pale I am in the winter.

Sigh. Such is the life of a Scandinavian girl, I guess.


  1. Those are so funny! You looked great that night!

    I'm painfully pale in the winter too, and I hate it!

  2. See....this is why we are kindred spirits. The Scandinavian in us. Good genes run deep. :)


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