Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've never been good at waiting. Ever.

Haven't heard results from Baby's x-ray. When I spoke with our doc last night, she said if she had results by the end of today, she'd call...if not? Well, it wouldn't be until Friday, because she's out of the clinic on Thursday.

I may just have to call tomorrow and talk to the doc on call...I just don't like not knowing. Thank you for your prayers and for checking in!

In other news...something I COULD HAVE waited for? The Pal passed his driver's exam.

And then I threw up.

Okay, not really...but I wanted to. I am so not ready for him to drive. I think what makes me most worried is that he is WAY too confident. Acts like he's been driving for years...and that's enough to make me want to lock him in a closet and throw away the keys.

We need to sit down and have a good long chat about expectations and ramifications. I'm not sure he realizes that driving is NOT A RIGHT. It is a privilege.

Oh...and that he is never in a big enough hurry to get ANYWHERE that he needs to drive aggressively. If he is in THAT big of a hurry, he should be in an ambulance.


Once again, mother's of babies with their days and nights mixed up? Mother's of tantruming two year olds? Love these days...the stakes are raised once those babies grow up and start making decisions of their own and driving cars.

Hold me.


  1. I would call. I'd not want to not know. I've had that scarey feeling-I remind my son that the car is a lethal weapon and he could accidentally kill someone. Just not sure his teen brain comprehends this. Pray for Angels to constantly be with him!

  2. Bless you!!! I have told my son who isn't driving that when the time comes, the leash will be very short and tight and he will have to prove he can truly handle such a large responsibility. Grades and maturity play a big part in it too.

    Positive thoughts on the x-ray and prayers headed your way.

  3. My first son to drive got his license 4 weeks ago. I hate it and I don't think I will ever like it so I hear you on this one. Mine too is an excellent driver and extremely confident. I kinda wish he was just a little bit nervous because he thinks he's invincible. A second past his curfew and I'm a blubbering idiot, so he's learnt not to be late and to always let me know where he is.

    From what I've read here I'm imagining that nothing bad could ever grab hold of that baby girl of yours because she's got too much attitude to let it. She sounds adorably challenging and I'm certain she'll be just fine.

  4. I'll let you in on a father did it to me after I got my license...every once in awhile he would drive the same route that I took...and by drive I mean "sit in a hidden driveway and wait" but he only had to catch me driving crazy ONCE and take my car away for a month for me not to drive like that again...SO not envying you!


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