Monday, July 12, 2010

Yet another reason why I love my husband.

The Mr. makes a mean s'more!! Last summer I touched on his "sweet s'more making skillz"...but seriously! It's unreal.

It's a talent.

He's a legend now.

For real...I don't know of anyone who can make a better s'more than my husband.

I think it must have something to do with his patience and perfectionism...but whatever it is...he nails it every time.

It's why I married him.

Well, that, and he's hot.


  1. Pic #1...look at that form. He is a s'more maker that means bidnezz.

  2. Hilarious! My hubby is a perfectionist when it comes to smore makin too! Me....I'm too impatient & burn it everytime! Now you just have to try spreading a little peanut butter on your graham crackers before assembling the rest.....oh my yummyness!!!! :)

  3. How lucky are you? smores and hot wow? haha! We are not huge smores fans I don't know why they are certainly delicious. we will need to add them in to our diet somehow!

  4. Oh how delicious! Our Sonic has a new campfire blast that is icecream mixed with chocolate, marshmellows, and graham crackers! It looks Delicious!!

  5. Okay seriously. Break out the fire and the marshmallows because I'm on my way over!! I love s'mores! Yum!! I wish I had one right now...I guess I'll just have to drool over your pictures...

  6. Oh my gosh, those pictures! I am going to ruin my laptop drooling...great now I'm dying for a s'more! LMAO

    What an awesome hubby! ^_^

  7. that s'more did look mighty fine.

  8. He rocks! I make them the same way, I can't stand when people burn the marshmallow, yuck! It takes time but it SO worth it! ;)

  9. You lucky, lucky girl! That looks so good!


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