Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cap'n Crunch Chicken Fingers

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far far, far away, in fact, that I did not have any kids, responsibilities or fears...I had a delightful little dish at a delightful restaurant in a delightful mall called the Mall of America.

The delightful restaurant was Planet Hollywood. Which may or may not have been the scene of an incredibly inebriated teenage me, in Mexico, being refused entry. You can't make me tell you. You'll just have to spend the rest of your years wondering if the scene really happened.

My lips are sealed.

BUT...the delightful dish? Cap'n Crunch coated Chicken Fingers. They were to. die. for.

I recreated them the other night, much to my kids were kinda "meh" about them...and I decided that they should be more of an appetizer than a main dish.

But, they were delicious nonetheless!

Oh...and let me preface this by saying this is the first and last time that you will ever see me post a recipe that involves a fairly significant amount of work. I'm usually more of the dump and pour and whip it up quick variety of cooks...this is out of my box.

Worth it...but out of my box!

You'll need to grab yourself some chicken breasts, cover them with saran wrap and pound the heck out of them, so they're not so fat:

Then cut them into strips:

Grab a box (yup, the whole durn thing!) of Cap'n Crunch cereal...

And throw it in a food processor to turn it into crumbs. Little crumbs. Teeny crumbs. VERY unlike what you see in the last'll need much less texture than what I'm showing you.

So, ignore it. Kind of. Those three things above are flour, eggs (beaten) and Cap'n crumbs. Kinda makes me wonder, if Cap'n Crunch was cremated, would you get crumbs?


You're gonna wanna dip in flour, then egg, then crumbs. I did flour, egg, flour, crumbs...but I think the second flour dip was a bit too much. Too floury, if you'd believe that.

And, here's where I made another mistake (gasp!! Yes, if you can believe that! I make mistakes. Lot's and lot's of mistakes. Learn from me. Please. I won't steer you wrong. I'll save you from my pain and agony and stress and despair.)...I did this all assembly line fashion...coat, coat, coat, then right into a big ol' pan of hot oil.

Bad move. I should have coated ALL the strips, THEN fried. Which, actually, you probably already knew. It's my blond hair. It really trips me up sometimes.

So...coat, coat, coat...then get a big ol' pan of oil all hot and bubbly and begin to fry (will you just pretend with me, that I'm all organized and have it all together and that the following photos were taken calmly, serenely, patiently...while I waited with a heaping pile of strips all ready to go and not taken while I was stressed, sweating, swearing, rushing to coat more strips 'cuz my oil was getting too hot and I was trying to get these godforsaken, stupid things cooked? Okay? Thank you.)

And that, my friends is Cap'n Crunch Chicken Strips. Oh..wait!!!

I actually took a picture of the final product!

(Once again, a plea to ignore my fine Corelle china. Hey...don't judge.)

Cap'n Crunch Chicken Strips

5 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips
1 box Cap'n Crunch, food processed to fine crumbs
2-3 eggs, beaten
1-2 c. flour, seasoned with salt and pepper to taste
Lot's of oil (enough to cover strips in oil to fry in pan--heat oil on medium to medium high about half way through coating strips)

Coat chicken strips in flour, then egg, then cereal crumbs. WAIT UNTIL ALL STRIPS ARE COATED, then fry in batches in hot oil (keep children out of kitchen!!) until golden brown. Remove fried strips to paper towel lined cookie sheet and keep warm.

Serve with your favorite sides...or (better yet!) serve as a delicious appetizer!

Stay tuned for a recipe that is the polar opposite of this one: Quick and healthy.

The end.


  1. Those do sound delicious! That's a lot of work for me though...I may pass the recipe along to the cook in our house (my hubby!)

  2. Sounds so delish! I'm going to try it :)

  3. I am sooo going to make those this week..they sound delicious!!!

  4. My kids aren't big try-ers, but I think I might be able to sell this one! Thanks!

  5. That looks good and I just happen to have all the ingredients sitting around. Bonus!

  6. Entertaining as always! Looks delish!

  7. Thank you for this! You're too funny!
    I cook for Aaron everynight, so this will DEFINITELY be added into next weeks menu list! I'll let you know how it turned out!

  8. Those sound very interesting. A little sweet, a little have my attention!

  9. I think I will make these soon only instead of making chicken strips i will buy them. i have never thought about using captain crunch. that sounds like a great idea

  10. *Gasp* My eyes are burning from looking at all that oil! Could I bake them in the oven instead? I would kinda like to live to see my grandchildren be born....

    Have you tried panko bread crumbs and coconut? Soooo good.

  11. I would have done the SAME thing with the assembly line! Of course, I am also a blonde. LoL

    You are SUCH a treat to read! Thanks for posting!

  12. Tracy made this last night but she used rice krispies, since we didnt have Capt. Crunch. Man it was so good, I was eating and she told me she got the recipe from your blog. Thanks

  13. YUM!! Thank you for sharing the recipe:) They have Planet Hollywoods in Mexico? ;)


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