Monday, July 5, 2010

Date Night...and a cute girl.

Before I announce our Date of the Week...I must show you something. My Belle is a budding blogger...well, perhaps, vlogger is the more appropriate title! ;)

She was quite proud of herself and asked if I'd put it on my which I responded, "Of course!!" (Of course!)

So, without further ado, The Belle (who apparently didn't get the memo that her nickname has been changed from "Miss E"..):

And now, for our date!

This week...I'd like to introduce y'all to...(drumroll please):

Random notes from the twisted side of the street in suburbia.

Stop on over and visit Wombat Central...she's a hoot and has a great sense of humor! Tell her Mama sent you! ;)


  1. I love her! I seriously love her! She is just beautiful Mama M.! My favorite part was "Well, I don't really care if you laugh, because I'm a kid..."

    Perfect! :)

  2. Adorable! Tell her she was great!

  3. That was adorable....

    My favorite job has always been being a mom.

    I have had glasses for reading since High School.

    I have never actually seen a tornado in real life.

    I wear make up every day. I love the pretty colors.

    Am I pretty? I don't know.

    Thanks for the video today.

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  5. Love it!

    #1 - Fav job - my internship in France working in the marketing dept for a hospital. It was so fun to work with people from around the world!
    #2 - Glasses - yep! wore glasses from age 10-25 (until I had PRK done so I have perfect vision now!)
    #3 - Tornado IRL? - yep! i grew up in MN and we unfortunately saw a lot of them. Part of my hometown was destroyed by an F4 back in 2000 - not fun.
    #4 - makeup - I like wearing it at times, when i want to dress up for a special occasion & feel especially pretty, but there's a lot of days I don't even bother to put it on. :)
    #5 - do i like being pretty? -, yes? i'm blessed with good genes I guess, and yes, it has opened some doors to be attractive, but like my Momma always said - it's what is inside that counts.

    Thanks for the questions Miss E!

  6. Soooo much cuteness going on there! That was adorable. Sign her up for guest posts.

    Also, thanks for making me your date of the week! :)

  7. This is so cute. Both of my kids were captivated by "the girl on the computer" :)

  8. Awh, she's too cute! I enjoy her not-yet-jaded-by-hard-knocks-of-life laugh. :) Ahhh, the joys of youth!

  9. LOL! OMG she's so stinking cute!!! I think she's got a very successful vlogging career ahead of her! I loved being a bookseller in a former life, I wear glasses for reading, I have never seen a tornado in real life, I adore makeup and I enjoy when people think I'm pretty. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Aw she's awesome! That was too cute! Miss E should definitely come back for guest vlogging appearances!
    But let's see.
    -My fave job is being a mom. Mostly because I get to do fun stuff with my kids all the time
    -I do wear glasses but not all the time. Mostly when my vision is bothering me
    -I have seen many a tornado IRL. I've been in the car before when one was about 20-something miles away. Kinda freaked out a little
    -I like to wear make up but don't wear it often.
    -And I think its important for all girls to feel pretty

  11. Miss E aka The Belle! You were FANTABULOUS! Way to go :)

    --My favorite job has been owning The Buzz Company (well--most of the time)
    --I do wear glasses. I thought they were cool when I was in junior high and kind of "forced" the issue even though my vision was on the fence at that time. Even though my vision isn't terrible I do get headaches if I don't wear them. Plus I get told I look better with them on-hahaha :)
    --I have NOT seen a Tornado IRL--always thought I wanted to but now that I'm older and know the consequences are life and death--I'm cool not seeing one IRL.
    --I DO like to wear makeup because otherwise I look like a pale ghosty ghost with no eyes. But Belle--try to go as long as possible without it--let your natural beauty develop :)
    --I do like being pretty :) I don't know if I AM pretty--but I like doing things that would make me FEEL pretty and girly :)

    love you Miss E aka The Belle!


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