Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I was noivous...

Remember that song? The Sesame Street (or was it Electric Avenue? Mr. Rogers, perhaps? I can't remember...) song that went something like this:

"One of these things is not like the other...one of these things just doesn't belong..."

Well...let's play that game, 'kay?


Is what I watch when we go to the Pal's baseball games.

Catching. It's what he does.

Something happened last night (aside from us getting creamed).

Something that made my bowels churn and my heart race.

You see if you can tell what happened.

What I'm used to:

What I saw (er...where's the helmet?):

What I'm used to:

What I saw (ah...chest protector, where are you?):

Used to:

Saw (oh where, oh where have his knee savers gone...):

We won't talk about the two home runs he gave up.

Or about how I pooped my pants when I saw him up on that mound.

I prefer to keep those kinds of things to myself.


  1. LOL, you are too funny! The pictures are great!

  2. So you really pooped your pants huh? That's embarassing. Great photos!

  3. Haha, I love the pictures to go with it. Just know that in nine years of ball, I only got creamed in the noggin once. And there were some big, butch girls out there.

  4. Ah, that's tough. But chalk it all up to life experience, and it's all good!

  5. Hey looks good to me. Looks like a stud athlete out there. I wish I played baseball, the kids love it and Tracys cousin plays for the Phillies Minor League and he play with them all the time. He is a catcher too. It is a great position to play. Dont worry.

  6. I still catch, and I believe that it is the best place on the field. You have a good view of the ENTIRE field!! And you never have to worry about just standing around! :o) That being said, I DO have to admit that I have had my share of injuries. Many shots to the throat, wild pitches, and a metal cleat stuck in my leg. But I am alive and well to this day. And my IQ is WAY better than my batting average, regardless of the clunks to the noggin. He'll be just fine.

  7. Hahaha!! Wonderful pictures! He can't wear all those pads forever!!!

  8. I hear ya! My 9 yr old pitches & I can't sit. I pace around, trying not to let him see him. How did he do? Pitching is one time I say, "It is how YOU did, not the TEAM."

  9. Oh my gosh too funny. I just finished playing church league softball where I was the catcher...and I didn't find out there wasn't helmet wearing until the first game started, ha! Let's just say that I needed a change of clothes after every game! It scared me to death, hahaha!

  10. I feel the same way when coach puts my kiddo in goal...he's so tiny to be a keeper!

  11. Catcher is the best position! How cool to get to experience being on the mound though! I bet he did great (home runs or not!).


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