Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome Wagon!

I was just inspired to write about my life...a "recap" of sorts! I've posted quite a bit, but I'm not sure that I've actually given an overview of my life! So bear with me...(remember narcissism? Here we go again!)

I've been blogging for about three months. I had wanted to blog for a long time, thought about it often, but (honestly) didn't think I had much "worthwhile" to blog about. I had read about so many touching stories, that I thought, "who'd want to read my boring old blog?" But I did it anyway. I'm like that! And I love this!

I only have one (I think) person that I know IRL (in real life) who reads my blog, I've mentioned it to my mama and my baby brother...I think that, secretly, they both think I'm a little crazy! As for the one person who reads's my BFF, Tara (and the only person I call by her real's okay, I've cleared it with her!!) she tells me she loves it (thanks Tara!). I think I like it this I can have a place to vent when my family drives me batty!

My husband and I have 5 children...well, 4 together, as in four that we helped create! I was a "package deal", if you will, so my husband got a two-for-one when me married me! A buy one get one sort of a deal. I had my oldest child when I was 19...the "good girl and the all American jock" got caught...wouldn't trade the outcome for the world, but wish I didn't have to deal with the "all American jock" anymore. Our kids are 13 (boy), 7 (girl), 5 (boy), 3 (boy), 17 mo (girl)...our baby took us by surprise, and I am so grateful that God had her in His plans for us!

I have 3 brothers, no sisters...being the sole daughter, I've lived a pretty charmed life, but the one thing I felt I always missed out on was having a sister. My BFF's are now my sister's by choice (which I'm told is maybe a good thing!).

I am an RN, I work in Labor and Delivery and Pediatrics. I love my job, I love what I do, but I wish I could do it without the never-ending charting. Sigh...the things we do the CYA (nurse speak for "cover your a**"...chart, chart, and then, chart some more!).

We live in Minnesota...the state that for a second time, elected a celebrity into public office. Sheesh, sometimes, I'm embarrassed to say where I'm from! Today the weather is muggy, "soupy" thick outside we start hoping for a big ol' storm to break this humidity (does that happen every where?)! I live for summer...I'm one of those mom's who dread when school starts, no more sleeping in, no more lazy days...and to think it'll be back upon us soon...yuck!

I'm a celebrity news junky, I live for People to hit the shelves on Fridays (did you know that sometimes it's out on Thursday?!!)...I love '24', reading, scary rides. I hate rides that spin, mushrooms, and black olives!

Okay, totally random, but lot's of fun (for me, anyway!!)! I could go on and on, and I'm sure I'll think of something else I should have added as soon as I hit "publish", but I think this is good, for now! Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. It's nice to meet you. I am also a celebrity news junky. I have to have my In Touch! I feel the same way when it comes to blogging!

  2. My daughter is grown now, but I always hated when school started. I never could understand those Moms who counted the days until school. I enjoyed the summers.


  3. Hey Mama M ... nice to 'meet' you! It was fun reading your little recap and I laughed at quite a few things too! We are fellow Minnesotans and I agree with the embarassed where you live thing .. .Jessie and now Al - we are doomed! I also prayed for a big ol storm yesterday and was happy to fall asleep last night to thunder, rain and lightening! Ahh - LOVE summer ... I look forward to reading lots more from you ... Have a great weekend!


  4. I'm a celebrity news junkie too...TMZ online & has helped me from spending so much money on magazines!

  5. Howdy! I thought I would drop you a note to let you know that another IRL person you know also enjoys your blog! I'm the Jen you met at the CSB reunion a few weeks ago that knows Tara. In case you're still trying to remember me, think back to the fun "cougar" pics we took together...Rarrrrr! Ever since Tara posted a link to your blog on her FB page I have enjoyed reading your daily updates and have come to LOVE your blog! I knew the moment I met you I liked you and after reading more about you, I know why! I also see that you're a "MckMama" fan and I ADORE her blog as well! I have been meaning to drop you a note, so I just wanted to say "hello!" Keep in touch :-)

  6. I love some celebrity news but have to read it knowing that it is only 10 percent if that correct. We too had a surprise baby girl and she has finished our family off so beautifully.

  7. Another blog reader coming out of the closet to say "Nice to meet you!!" I stumbled across your blog and I am about to become a mommy of five, too, so I have enjoyed reading you. Finding someone who looks and seems so sane after 5 kiddos is inspiring!!! Can't wait to read more!!

  8. I didn't vote for Jesse...but I did Al...I am a liberal...can I still visit with you? I am a teacher in the metro area...have 3 that lives in NYC, one going to school in Winona and a 10 yr old... I am not much into the People seen...but I do watch TV lol


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