Thursday, July 30, 2009

Surprises...and fun stuff!

Last night, at work, I was surprised by this:

My sweet Mr. Wonderful sent me these gorgeous flowers...'cuz he missed me! Between camping in the wild with our children, business conferences, and my evening work schedule, we haven't seen much of each other! What a fun surprise...he used to be the most romantic guy when we were little surprises, flowers, candy trails leading to a sweet card. Then, well, we got married! I joke that he stopped being Mr. Romance as soon as the church doors slammed shut! Sigh...looks like he still has it in him!

I also have (Achoo!) this nasty summer (Achoo!!) head cold...seems like (Achoo!) I can't go for more than (Achoo!) 14 seconds without (Achoo!!) sneezing! Darn colds (Achoo!), I hate being sick in the summer. (Achoo!!!) He thought maybe the flowers would brighten my day...and they did (now, if they could only make this cold go away!).


In other, fun news...I'm handing over control to a guest blogger tomorrow! Yup, my bestie, Tara, is takin' the reins for the day! And what she posts will be as much of a surprise to me, as it is to you!

She has some fabulously funny stories...and I'm so very excited to hear (see?) what she has to say!

Until then, my friends...


  1. Awww! How sweet! Beautiful flowers!!

  2. How beautiful! I can't remember the last time I received flower???

  3. Isn't is great when the men in our lives "get it"? I'm not always a fan of fresh flowers, cause they die...yet when my King shows up with them I love it!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. What a nice picture to see flowers from your husband. Hope you feel better.


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