Thursday, July 23, 2009

100th Post Winner!

Okay, so it turns out you'll just have to take my word for appears I'm obscenely a bit computer illiterate and can not find a way to post the little thing from that gave me our winner! But, anywho...

Out of ten entries, number 4 was the "chosen one"! Congrats to Meghan, send me a little note via email (right sidebar on my blog) and I'll hook you up with somethin' sweet!

And, since many of you were actually wasn't my children who lost my phone. It was tucked away, safe and sound, in my purse. Where it belonged!! I found it funny that Little A. so confidently told me where it was(n't)...stinker!!

Oh, and if any of you feel like helping me the heck do you take "snapshots" of a computer screen and post them? Or is that something deserving a college degree in computer science, or at least participation in a college course in it?

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  1. Howdy M! To capture a "picture" of your screen, the easiest thing to do is hit "Alt" and "Print Screen" at the same time (the Print Screen key is usually above your "Home" key). Next you open a Word document (or other word processing doc) and "paste" (Ctrl V or right click and select Paste) the picture into the document. Viola! Enjoy!
    Jen S. AKA Your LL :-)


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