Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Heart Aches...

Tonight my heart aches.

For a couple who will be going home with empty arms and broken hearts. A nursery full of beautiful gifts, but no baby to sleep in it. Unfulfilled dreams, unanswered questions, a door slammed shut on visions of a baby girl in pig tails and pink ruffles.

I am raw, drained...and I cannot begin to imagine what they are feeling. What I know is that I have to remember that as unjust as life can seem, God has a plan, we may not understand it, but He had a need for that gorgeous baby girl to be with Him.

So, tonight, I will pray.

I will pray for that couple, their families, and their sweet baby girl. That God will raise them up and walk along with them through this nightmare. That He will mend their broken hearts.


  1. aweee hugs! Was this a personal friend or one of your nursing charges? :( I'll be praying for them!!!


  2. A patient...thanks for your kind words and prayers!

  3. I am touched by that story, I will say a prayer.



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