Thursday, June 4, 2015

Joy Ranch, South Dakota

In my last post, I kinda poked fun at South Dakota by sarcastically calling it "beautiful". If you follow me on Instagram (@mama_m) or Twitter (@5CrookedHalos), you know that South Dakota truly showed off during our visit there.

We visited a place called "Joy Ranch", which always the most amazing place I've seen in a long time! Created as a summer camp destination for children with disabilities, all I could think about is how perfect it would be as a get together setting with my in-laws (my MIL is in a wheelchair)!

Set on a bluff, overlooking rolling pastures and a valley lake, the scenery was breathtaking (there I go, eating crow...I'm sorry for implying you weren't beautiful, SoDak!!) and the setting was perfection. 6 outdoor fireplaces, huge porches overlooking the lake, Old West street facade, covered boardwalks with oversized rocking chairs, playground, Gaga Ball pit, walking trail to the horse stable with the friendliest horses you've ever met, a potbellied pig, noisy turkeys, and the most wonderful, accommodating staff you could imagine. I was blown away...and the kids were in heaven!

There was a beautiful, old church on site that set my photographers heart on fire. The setting sun made it even more beautiful! (These iPhone pictures don't do it justice!)

An adorable old school house:

Paddle boats that my hubby and Hambone took to the other side of the lake and discovered a few cow skeletons. This is the pelvis bone of one, that Hambone thought looked like a mask!

We all had such a great time celebrating my bestie's mom and dad's 40th wedding anniversary at this amazing place! A wonderful couple and such a fun, so grateful we made the trip out there.

Dear South Dakota,

You truly are beautiful...and some pretty amazing people come out of your glorious state!

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