Friday, May 22, 2015


You guys...I have THREE WORK DAYS LEFT and then it's summer vacation, baby!!!!

I can't tell you how ecstatic I am to have the endless, lazy, fun, (hopefully) warm and sunny days of summer ahead of us. I foresee a lot of swimming and beaching it! With the remodel job tucked safely under our belts, this summer is free from demands!

Oh my gosh, speaking of how it's almost summer vacation, have you read this article about the end of school???

Laugh out loud funny...only because it is so shockingly SPOT. ON.

In fact, my daughter was reading to me in my office after school today and I was "mmmhmm'ing" and "uh huh'ing" my coworker called me and demanded, "WHY ARE YOU LETTING HER READ TO YOU?! IT'S THE END OF SCHOOL!!" Oh, yes...I forgot, we practice auditory reading at this time of the year. Ohmigosh, I laughed so hard!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and we are headed to beautiful South Dakota! Wait...did I say beautiful? ;) We're headed there to join in the celebration of my bestie's mom and dad's anniversary because, as the invitation read, "they still do". :)

Well, I have a pile of laundry staring me down, just BEGGING me to fold it...I guess I should oblige.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day your gratitude to those vets that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country and what we stand for. I am so grateful for them!!

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