Thursday, April 23, 2015

Real Time...Late April Edition

Remember that one time at band camp a couple of months ago when I said I was (mostly) ready to do after photos of our remodel? Um. Yeah. Seems like I can't get myself to take the dang pictures!!! 

Ugh. Anyway...I promise. Soon. I still love our kitchen...even while I sit here tappity tapping away on my computer and it remains a mess from supper. *Yawn* Ain't nobody got time for that!!

Listening to my hubby and my biggest girl chat...I love that I'm married to a guy who's an amazing father. It warms my heart to hear them having heart-to-hearts. I can also hear the little three (how long will I be able to call them "the little three"?) outside, playing on the swing set, enjoying the *barely* warm weather.

Heard on the forecast today that there is supposed to be snow tonight. Or tomorrow. WHATEV mother nature! I mean, c'mon! We get teased with these brief stretches of beautiful weather and then 40's and snow?! Fer dumb.

I'm craving something sweet. Like, Sour Patch Kids sweet...and I've got nothin' to satisfy that craving.

Also, is it bedtime yet? I'm pooped. In other news, my big girl has moved on to clipping her nails and my hubby? Fast asleep. "Resting his stomach" he says. Psh. I think I need to rest my eyes. You know, for, like, 12 hours.

OHHHHHH, random though forthcoming: have you ever heard of M. Rena? For Christmas I received one of their long tank tops and LET ME TELL YOU!! It is the most glorious invention EVER. For this ridiculously long torso'ed girl, these things are a dream! Every tunic length top on me is just a smidge too short, but these long tank top thingamajigs? They give as little or as much length as a girl needs! Seriously. Get one. A bit on the spendy side, but hot dang. Worth every penny. (So worth every penny, that I've gotten two more since Christmas!)

Okay...I can hear my hubby snoring and I wanna join in...time to get things tidied up and everyone ready for bed!

Hope you've all had a fantabulous week!

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