Thursday, July 10, 2014

Things I've Learned While Remodeling

Before I start...let's be honest; I am CERTAIN I will learn a lot more before this project has reached completion!

We've sort of reached the "putting it back together" part of our, the "stair project" will start and by tomorrow, I should have a new area in which I can walk downstairs! Hoping to start painting next week so that we can be ready to start installing the flooring!

Okay, so let's get started with things I've learned:

1. (Speaking of stairs...) Have you ever tried to calculate the rise and run of a staircase? I did. I consumed approximately 300% of my time and absolutely fried my brain. And I'm still not sure. Calculating rise and run of a stair case is infinitely more difficult than anything in the whole world.

2. Recessed lights: 2nd most infinitely difficult task is figuring out where to put the dang cans.

3. When demolishing things, make sure to check to see if they contain asbestos.

4. Remodeling during the summer isn't nearly as bad as people led me to fact, I think it's better than any other season!'s SUMMER. We aren't trapped inside this war zone of a house...we can frolic outside all day long and cook outside and eat outside (unless the mosquitos are awful, then that's another story). Summer is where it's at for remodeling.

5. You discover a lot about yourself. For example: I might not know WHAT I want, but I sure as heck know what I DON'T want!! (Boob lights, for example. Don't want.) 

6. There is a smart end and a dumb end to a tape measure. Please, always, give me the dumb end.

7. Inside every remodel project are hidden costs. But I'm sure you already knew that. (Mold. Rotten sub floor from a leaky patio door. Wallpaper that won't come off and totally destroys the sheetrock.)

8. It sucks to have to cut things out because of that stupid word "budget".

9. I never knew I'd be excited to be awoken to hammering...because it means PROGRESS is happening!

Stay tuned, I'll fill you in on more of the knowledge I've gleaned from being a "home remodeler"!

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  1. Smart end and dumb end to a measuring tape, really? I didn't know this! Guess I know which end I'll be on! :)


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