Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It Was Bound To Happen...

Well...all throughout this remodel plan (even whilst in the planning stages) we kept hearing about the bumps along the way, the "issues" that crop up when you start tearing apart on older home.

Behind every ripped off piece of drywall, I expected to see termites, rotting boards, leaking ceilings, alien creatures destroying our home from the inside out...you know, all THAT stuff. All we found, however, was just a whole bunch (like, a whole, WHOLE bunch) of cobwebs.

Until last night.

We had a piece of paint that had been peeling on one of our walls and I kind of ignored it for a long time. Like, years. Then, as we're tearing apart everything else, a little one tugged a bit on the paint and GAH. Mold. And a rusty screw.

Well, we decided to rip off that piece of drywall, figuring we'd replace it AND make it easier for the plumber as well, and wouldn't you know...mold on the other side too. (Please ignore the cobwebs...it's hard to dust inside your walls...)

This is right where our washer/dryer hook-ups are, a roughed in, hole in the drywall, redneck style hook-up. A couple of times we've had a leaky washing machine or the drain would suds up and back up and goodness. I guess it caused a bit of a problem.

Thankfully, I don't think it's too bad. Nothing a little drywall patching and "hook-up fixing" (which we were planning to do anyway) can't handle.

I hope.

Yeesh. Wish us luck!

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