Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Sneak Peek...Home Reno Style

Well, we've "officially" started!!

Saturday brought forth some major progress...hubs bowed out on an invite to Dr. J's, citing electrical work that needed to be done and I was a bit annoyed, until I came home and saw THIS:

Crikey! Hard to be annoyed any longer when I saw the surprise he had up his sleeve!! Our good friend stayed to help the hubs tear stuff apart! Walls, sheetrock, lights...WOW!! 

Here's a "before" from the same angle:

Sunday afternoon we went to Menards to price doors and windows and GAH. Holy moly they're expensive. As we were walking out if Menards I said, "Well, I guess I could pick up a few shifts at the hospital?"...to which my hubby agreed that yes, that would probably be a fantastic idea. So, guess what I did Monday?

Hospital shift it was! Truly, I am grateful that I have the option of making some extra money when we need it! 

Now, gotta finish getting the ceiling scraped, then patched, and retextured and painted and then...THE FLOORING!! 

Good golly, I can NOT wait for that flooring to be in!!

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