Monday, June 23, 2014

They Did It!

So, right after this post, we headed down to the "big city" to participate in a tournament with Dubya's travel baseball team...and guess what?

They took first place!! Yay!!!! And guess what else? Now we get to commit to ANOTHER full weekend of baseball. Half of me is "yaying" about this while the other half of me is "boo hissing" about this.

What I'm trying to keep in mind, is that this IS family time. It is what we make of it, right? I mean, sure, we're not at home all together, but we ARE together...and we usually try to do something fun as a family while we're at these tournaments.

For example, this weekend we hit Minnehaha Falls...a cool little "urban" park with a waterfall that is absolutely ROARING currently. 

It recently made the news because the water is actually "backing up" and causing flooding above the falls.

The park has these cool little bikes that you can just hop on and tool around the park. I may or may not have totally thought I was helping with the steering until about 1/2 way through our ride when I realized " steering wheel isn't connected to anything!". #blondemoment

It floored me to see how many people let their kids splash and wade in the rapids below the falls...I was all "CHILDREN!!! YOU STAY 80 FEET AWAY FROM THE EDGE OF THAT RAGING STREAM OR IT WILL SUCK YOU IN!!!!" with my kids, while other families nonchalantly played right in the midst of the beast.

Crazy. Either I'm way too careful or those parents were off their freakin' rockers!! I'll have to update you on the recent happenings with our remodel. I'm a little sad about the most recent developments...I'll just say this, we have an engineer coming to the house tomorrow to look at it. Something about load bearing walls and stuff. Ugh.

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