Monday, June 16, 2014

He's Awesome

Mr. W., that is.

He rocks my dang socks off. Yeesh. Is that TMI? ;)

This man is the most amazing dad (and husband). I know, I know, that's so cliche to say, but you guys? It's true. 

He's patient. Loving. Kind. Active. Faith-filled. Conservative. (And not just in the political sense.) Smart. Hard working. Involved. Fun. Plain ol' stinkin' amazing.

We celebrated our niece's marriage this weekend and while in church, our baby girl climbed up into his arms. He plopped her little butt on the pew ledge in front of him, wrapped his great big arms around her, and pressed his nose to hers while she whispered something (important, I'm sure) to him.

My heart. It simply exploded right then and there. To have witnessed that moment between them. The love and tenderness and gentleness...I just died.

He is our rock. The steady foundation of our family and when I say I am "so grateful" that God blessed me with him, I actually wish there were stronger words. 

We are truly so blessed, so very, very blessed to have him in our lives. 

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