Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Checking In

Wow. What a weekend!!

Pal's party went off without a hitch...we had enough food (yay!!) but not too much...well, unless you count the lettuce and pasta salad. THAT we had WAY too much of.

Hey...anyone want some lettuce? Pasta salad? ;)

We woke up bright and early the next morning (like, 6 am early) and headed out to Dubya's baseball tournament and I think when we got home at 7 pm, we were ALL ready for bed!!

Then we greeted Monday with a start of bang to summer activities! Tennis for the girls, baseball for the boys and Little League for the boys on alternating nights...WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?????

Because they love it.

To top it off, Pal has his baseball games (he's in two different summer leagues...can you say "love baseball much?!") on the same nights as Hambone AND he started an umping job.

Speaking of umping...did you know that they only sell umpire pants by the waist size? They leave the length unhemmed and at a length that is appropriate for, oh I dunno, Andre the Giant?! For real. I held those pants up with the end of the pant legs on the floor and the waist was at EYE LEVEL for me!!!

I mean. C'MON. I get that everyone has different inseams but do they have to be THAT long?

Thankfully I have a good friend that will rescue me from these sewing requirements!! (Thank you, Dawn!)

In other news: The Remodel Project...I finally took before pictures!!! I'm so glad I remembered...I kept wanting to wait until the house was perfectly clean to take them and then I realized if I didn't just take them when I remembered, we'd probably be 1/2 through the project before I got them!

So, when I reveal them, you'll have to excuse the

Also...I had a dream about the was dark. It made me noivous. Oh turning back now! (Well, technically we can. We haven't purchased it yet...we'll be picking it up in a couple of weeks, though!) 

We had the opportunity to go look at granite and for once in my life, I wasn't drawn to the crazy expensive stuff!!! I knew I wanted a light color and something that didn't look like head cheese (have you ever noticed how some granite looks like head cheese?) and everything I liked ended up being the less expensive granite!!

Yay for simplicity!

Okay, the contractor is coming over soon to double check on our wall removal...wants to make sure we're not going to remove any important walls before we start! Yikes. 


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  1. Andre the Giant. Ha. That's a blast from the past!


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