Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wedding Miscellany

Have I mentioned that my bestie got married? Or that I was a "co-MOH" ("co-maid of honor")?

Oh...I have?

Well then...aren't YOU in luck that you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! :) Have I got some photos for you!

So fun. So sweet. So full of love and joy...this weekend was magically perfect. To see my best friend so incredibly happy and loved? It makes my heart so full. And to have experienced all of the joy and love and fabulousness, first hand?

I'm blessed.

Let me just give you a smattering of photos...the camera was not (clearly, since I'm *gasp* actually in some of the photos) often in my hand, but I think my hubby did a pretty good job of capturing the merriment!

Morning prep:

Wedding entrance with the bride's amazing son, I met this handsome kid when he was just a tiny little tot who bounced like Tigger. 

"Secret" handshake:

Eye swipe:

(Blurry) Disco point:


Belle and Grandpa polka'ing.

Loved my hair...had to show you the back. (Vain, I know. Sorry.)

Love these peeps.

And love that they love my peeps.

Sweet sisters.

And, some Instagram shots for you!


  1. You looked BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I know you were upset about the other dress not being available, but golly gee, you looked amazing in the one you wore!!

  2. I love the shot of you two together. Beautiful!


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