Monday, November 4, 2013

Real Time...Monday Edition.

Sitting here in bed, after being short tempered with kids who didn't want to listen tonight, wishing I had been more patient.

Tomorrow's a new day, right?!

Thinking...remember when I used to have this blog? This blog where I posted every day, where in the beginning I posted TWICE A DAY??? Sigh. I had so much to say back then. I felt so witty and creative. Now I just feel...boxed in.

I want that wit and creativity back. I want this place to be the place I come to dump the contents of my mind. The inner workings. The clutter. The constant flow of words and stories and ideas that are all up in there.

I have oodles of photos to show y'all from the photo shoots I've done recently.

I have some recipes waiting to be brought to life.

I have stories to tell and thoughts to vent.

Hopefully, you'll still be around when I decide to tell them!

My sweet babe is lying beside me...her bandaged arm (I'll tell you that tomorrow) resting gently on my leg. The house is quiet (FINALLY) and I am ready to call it a night! Gracious...daylight saving time really does a number on a family, doesn't it?!

Parts of MN were under a "Winter Storm Watch" for tomorrow...don't tell, but I was sorta excited! I picked up a bunch of Christmas candy and may have squealed like a little girl right there in the holiday aisle at Walmart when I saw all the Christmas goodies on display!

I love this time of the year.

Okay, I'll "see" you guys in the morning! Night!

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