Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm Ready.

I've come to a conclusion...I can't possibly live anywhere other than MinneSOOOOOta. Here I am, absolutely, positively DYING for snow.

Like, DY-ING. It is cold as heck out (well, not really, 'cuz as a true Minnesotan, I know it's gonna get a heckuva lot colder) and you know, if it's gonna be cold as heck, we might as well have some snow to make everything prettier.

That first "real" snow fall is so magical. Quiet and sparkly and stunning. I can't wait...not to mention the snow days that sometimes come along with the snowfall. An extra day with my kiddos? HECK YES!

The funny thing is, check back here sometime around April 1st or so, and you'll be hearing an entirely different tone from'll be more along the lines of "I am SOOOOOO ready for this snow to be gone!".

Guess you just can't please us Minnesotans!! :)

This time last year (November 23rd, to be exact):

C'mon Mother Nature...BRING IT!

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  1. Lucky you to know you will have a first snow! For us, we get snow maybe… once every… couple of years.. make that every few years… ok, let's be honest, it happens so rarely in New Orleans that the ENTIRE CITY SHUTS DOWN! (Yes, even for a few flurries!) Employees leave the building and start building snowmen (they are the size of about ohhhh 3 inches, but whatever, it's a snowman!)… people forget how to drive on the streets, schools close for the day. Lol


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