Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We Survived The First Day of School!!!

Maybe I should change that to..."I Survived"!! :)

Dropped my baby(ies) off at school with only a few tears...my own tears, that is. Baby Girl did great. Gave me a hug and kiss and, a little shyly, said good-bye. I'm friends with the other K teacher and she sent me a text saying, "Just wanted to let you know that Baby Girl is happy and smiling!"...and it made me cry all over!

Sounds like they all had a wonderful first day...Dubya's homework being "to play baseball for 30 minutes"...can't complain about that!

And now my heart is a bit lighter, having survived this "first day" and seeing my kids' happy faces after school!

Without further ado...the obligatory "First Day of School" photos!


  1. They all look so cute! I hope they had a great first day!

  2. Hooray!! and why did I not know you have a Golden Retriever?!


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