Monday, May 5, 2014

Remodeling, The Prequel...Part Deux.

Had some good tips, insights and words of wisdom from last week's post (thank you, Aunt Gloria!)...still not totally set on some things, but REALLY wanting to make sure we "do it right". This is gonna be a "one shot deal" remodeling in the future, this is it!

That's a lotta pressure on a girl.

Anyway, needing some more thoughts. We have one bid from a custom cabinet guy that we've worked with before and LOVE his work. We're 90% sure we're going to go with him, but just to cover our bases, we decided to take our layout to Home Depot and see how comparable prices/features were. Just yesterday, we received the mock-up of our new kitchen and guys? I nearly died.

I am SO excited to see this come to fruition, I can hardly stand it! I am totally consumed with "remodeling" thoughts and I'm pretty sure EVERYONE around me is getting sick of me asking them for their input. (Sorry family!)

Here's what we're contemplating now...that end cabinet that I've circled, should we make it a "corner" cabinet so that it fills that wall a bit more? There will be a wooden door leading to a walk-in pantry next to the fridge, and I kind of feel that a corner cabinet there will help the line of vision flow a bit more. Or will it just look weird because the cupboard beneath it will be squared off, as shown? Thoughts please...

Also, the fridge/cabinet wall...should we leave it as is, or swap the fridge to be on the end? I think it would balance the look of the kitchen a bit more, but I'm afraid of congestion with the fridge being directly across from the breakfast bar.

And one last thing. I've been sort of set on a "pass through" door from the mudroom/entry to the pantry. I wanted it small enough 12-18 inches) so kids don't use it as a walk-through, but just a little opening to be able to reach into the pantry to grab the broom out so it's handy to sweep the mudroom (and also, to possibly pass groceries through from the mudroom to the pantry). 

The Mr. and everyone I've talked to has kind of turned their nose up at the idea, stating that it will take away valuable shelf space inside the pantry, and it really isn't THAT much of an inconvenience to walk around to grab the broom/step stool/bring groceries in. And, now I'm wondering if I should just skip my beloved, ingenious, pass-through door. What say you?

I think that wraps up this session of the prequel...let me know what you think!


  1. Well- you asked!

    I'd skip the pass-through door. our broom/dust pan is in our pantry, and it's not that big of a deal to just open the door. If you've decided to sweep, then I don't think 5 extra steps will thwart your endeavors (do I get extra points for saying "thwart"?)

    Also, I'd keep the fridge where it is. The fridge is a high-traffic area (moreso than a pantry- believe it or not...), and I think you'll have more room to move with it in the middle there. Did they talk to you about the "work triangle?" Not sure if that affects it or not...but worth talking about.

    Counter cabinet- I think either way, it will look AMAZING! So excited for you!

  2. I would keep the corner cupboard as it is otherwise I think that you will lose too much bench space around the sink if you extend it all the way down; and I would keep the frideg where it is otherwise you will be getting more exercise than you need constantly traipsing over to it - I like to have cookspace, workspace and storespace all within easy reach...

    I like the idea of the narrow pass-thru door and think that you shoudl stick to you guns over this one...


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