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I Survived!

I know you've all been glued to your computers, anxiously awaiting a report on how I handled graduation...well wait no more! The time is here!

This moment in my life seems so surreal. It's like the last 18 years passed in the blink of an cliche, right? Well, cliche sometimes equals "spot on"...especially in the case of growning kids. Mamas, hug those itty bitty babies close tonight, smile at that umpteenth temper tantrum, and let today's potty accident cause you no worry, for before you know it, those days will be gone and you will be facing that baby heading off into the great big world all by himself.

It breaks my heart. But at the same time, I'm so very excited for him. And nervous. And happy. And scared. And oh my. My emotions. I wish he could REALLY realize (and appreciate) what an amazing time of his life he's in right now.

Anyway, I got side tracked, sorry about that...graduation. It was just as I expected. When I saw the kids he grew up along side begin to file into the gym, I felt "that lump" in my throat...and then, there he was. So handsome. So proud. So happy...and I was toast.

Thankfully, I held in the sobs. ;) 

I was blessed to be able to help with the parent organized and community sponsored "Grad Bash" that graduates are able to attend after's like a safe party with all kinds of amazing prizes that help send our babies off into the real world!

Loved being able to be a part of that.

Oh, yes...and then there was this: (Love that he plays along with my silly ideas!)

We now are entering baseball playoff season...this group of boys has been playing together since 3rd grade it's been amazing watching them grow up with each other! Here's to an amazing end to the baseball season...and an amazing beginning to the season of "life"!


  1. What a handsome young man! My son is only 15 months old, but these pictures of your son makes me realize.. one day... and how time flies, makes me teary-eyed thinking of the future. Congratulations!

  2. Aaaand I just got "that lump" reading this. My oldest is finishing 7th grade, and I keep wanting to scream STOP the clock! Watching him & his friends change, physically, is so strange. I can't image I'll keep it together at graduation.... we'll see in a few short years. Congrats!


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