Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm Ready.

I've come to a conclusion...I can't possibly live anywhere other than MinneSOOOOOta. Here I am, absolutely, positively DYING for snow.

Like, DY-ING. It is cold as heck out (well, not really, 'cuz as a true Minnesotan, I know it's gonna get a heckuva lot colder) and you know, if it's gonna be cold as heck, we might as well have some snow to make everything prettier.

That first "real" snow fall is so magical. Quiet and sparkly and stunning. I can't wait...not to mention the snow days that sometimes come along with the snowfall. An extra day with my kiddos? HECK YES!

The funny thing is, check back here sometime around April 1st or so, and you'll be hearing an entirely different tone from'll be more along the lines of "I am SOOOOOO ready for this snow to be gone!".

Guess you just can't please us Minnesotans!! :)

This time last year (November 23rd, to be exact):

C'mon Mother Nature...BRING IT!

Monday, November 25, 2013

10 Years Ago.

10 years ago, I had just spent my first night at home as a mother of three.

I was exhausted, emotional, and totally and completely in love with the adorable bundle of blue in my arms.

Sweet Dubya was the most amazing baby. Chubby, laid back, self soothing, happy, and cute as a gosh dang bug's ear. 

We won't talk about the turn of events that happened when he turned 18 it was like somebody flipped a switch and my laid back baby became a bulldozer of a toddler and his mantra (you know, IF 18 month olds had mantras) was "WRECK ALL THE THINGS!!". 

Good thing he was so cute...and that sweet little "side dimple" near his temple would peek out every time he got that twinkle in his eye and grinned mischievously and gosh, how do you get mad at that?!

Darn side dimple. Gets a guy out of trouble every time.

10 years. One decade. I have been blessed immensely by being this amazing boys mama. I am so very proud of his huge, tender heart, his work ethic...and that old mischievous twinkle?

It's still there...right alongside that side dimple!

Happy birthday, sweet boy. You make me so happy and I am so lucky to be your mama!!!

We love you so much!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wedding Miscellany

Have I mentioned that my bestie got married? Or that I was a "co-MOH" ("co-maid of honor")?

Oh...I have?

Well then...aren't YOU in luck that you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! :) Have I got some photos for you!

So fun. So sweet. So full of love and joy...this weekend was magically perfect. To see my best friend so incredibly happy and loved? It makes my heart so full. And to have experienced all of the joy and love and fabulousness, first hand?

I'm blessed.

Let me just give you a smattering of photos...the camera was not (clearly, since I'm *gasp* actually in some of the photos) often in my hand, but I think my hubby did a pretty good job of capturing the merriment!

Morning prep:

Wedding entrance with the bride's amazing son, I met this handsome kid when he was just a tiny little tot who bounced like Tigger. 

"Secret" handshake:

Eye swipe:

(Blurry) Disco point:


Belle and Grandpa polka'ing.

Loved my hair...had to show you the back. (Vain, I know. Sorry.)

Love these peeps.

And love that they love my peeps.

Sweet sisters.

And, some Instagram shots for you!

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Official...Game On!

Just driving home from our girl's weekend shopping extravaganza!!

I'm fat, broke, happy...and I have an awesome start on Christmas shopping! Now we just need a little snow!

I was even able to almost finish some birthday shopping...

Dubya's birthday is on Friday, can't believe he is going to be DOUBLE DIGITS! What happened to my chubby little laid back baby?

Anyway, was a super busy weekend...canNOT wait to show you photos from my bestie's wedding!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Have you Started?

Christmas is 43 days away. Um...what happened to September and October?!

Anyway, every year I vow to be more organized so I can enjoy the Christmas season a little more...this year, I feel like I've got a leg up on it! I already have several presents purchased...not wrapped yet, but IN MY POSSESION. 

This is huge, people. HUGE.

I'm not sure I've ever started this early! I'm so proud of myself. much you wanna bet that the week before Christmas I'm running around like a crazy fool looking for that perfect, last minute gift.

Ugh. Let's hope not. I hope to spend that last week baking and listening to Christmas music and sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire and watching "Elf" and soaking in the joy and magic of the season surrounded by my littles and the man that makes my heart go pitter-pat.

So, here's to a slower paced Christmas season and the time to enjoy every single wonderful moment of it!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

So...this puppy.

As you all know, we lost our sweet dog a couple of weeks ago and before we knew it, we had somehow (how is it that kids are SOOOOO persuasive?!) agreed to another puppy.

Dagnabit, she's a cute little thing.

That is, when she's not pooping on our floor.

Or peeing on the floor.

Or chewing on my hems.

And when I'm not begging my children (who begged, pleaded, PROMISED that they'd play, potty, and entertain the pup) to take the dang dog outside before she poops/pees on my floor ONE MORE BLASTED TIME.


And we got her before deer hunting weekend? Which means 1/2 of the pair that lobbied for her the most is gone, leaving the younger 1/2 in charge of waking up at night to take Tikka (yes, like the gun) potty.

Gonna be a long weekend.

It's a good thing she's cute.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This. Just...this.

This boy...he just makes me smile!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"That Cry".

If you're a mom, you know exactly what someone's talking about when they refers\ to their child having "that cry"...the one where you know "oh crap. THIS is legit.".

Yeah, "that cry". (You're all nodding your heads in agreement now, aren'tcha?)

Sunday afternoon we were at Belle's piano recital...enjoying some refreshments afterward and chatting with my grandparents and fellow piano parents when, from across the room, I hear "that cry".

My head snapped up and my eyes locked upon my baby girl, by the refreshment table, with the Mr. tending to her. I began a brisk walk toward the table when I realized what was happening...spilled coffee, crying girl, hubby frantically wiping at her arm and my brink walk became a full out run.

I got to her side to find her sleeve pulled up and a big area on her arm that had already blistered (well, technically it had that "melted skin" look to it) and my first reaction was to start barking out orders. "We need water!" "Where's the bathroom?" "Stop wiping!!" "Get her shirt off!!" WHERE'S THE BATHROOM??????" All while ushering my sweet, sobbing girl down the hall.

We got to the women's bathroom and got her arm under cool water (yes, the Mr. did indeed join me in the women's bathroom...along with a gobsmack of other people that had followed us down the hall) and I was assessing the damage...arm bright red, only blistered area was the initial one I saw but it was big. And my poor girl...she was in so much pain. :(

I think I've mentioned it before, but my nursing skills go right out the window when it comes to my own kids. Gimme someone else's kid and I'm all cool, calm and collected...but my own? Nah. I was fighting tears and debating the ER and shaking like a leaf.

There happened to be a wheelchair in the bathroom, so I had my sweet Gram turn it around so I could sit and hold my girl and then I asked the Mr. to go grab my friend/fellow piano mom/fellow nurse so that I could have a "neutral" source help me process my thoughts.

She came, we talked ER for pain control, loaded up in the van and I called our pediatrician. God bless that woman. She so very calmly listened to my worry and my requests and we talked about what to watch for. She called in some prescriptions and warned me that "tonight might not be good".

I'm so pleased to tell you that my sweet girl is doing so well! Very little pain (which I know, in the world of burns isn't always a good thing, but I think in Baby Girl's case, it is), good sleep and no difficulties with dressing changes! So far so good!

We're just thankful it wasn't worse...not on her face or hands. Not requiring an ER visit. We go to see the doctor on Wednesday, just for some follow-up, but as of now, things look good!

Two things that a mom hates experiencing: 1. "That cry" and 2. Their kiddo in awful pain.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Real Time...Monday Edition.

Sitting here in bed, after being short tempered with kids who didn't want to listen tonight, wishing I had been more patient.

Tomorrow's a new day, right?!

Thinking...remember when I used to have this blog? This blog where I posted every day, where in the beginning I posted TWICE A DAY??? Sigh. I had so much to say back then. I felt so witty and creative. Now I just feel...boxed in.

I want that wit and creativity back. I want this place to be the place I come to dump the contents of my mind. The inner workings. The clutter. The constant flow of words and stories and ideas that are all up in there.

I have oodles of photos to show y'all from the photo shoots I've done recently.

I have some recipes waiting to be brought to life.

I have stories to tell and thoughts to vent.

Hopefully, you'll still be around when I decide to tell them!

My sweet babe is lying beside me...her bandaged arm (I'll tell you that tomorrow) resting gently on my leg. The house is quiet (FINALLY) and I am ready to call it a night! Gracious...daylight saving time really does a number on a family, doesn't it?!

Parts of MN were under a "Winter Storm Watch" for tomorrow...don't tell, but I was sorta excited! I picked up a bunch of Christmas candy and may have squealed like a little girl right there in the holiday aisle at Walmart when I saw all the Christmas goodies on display!

I love this time of the year.

Okay, I'll "see" you guys in the morning! Night!


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