Monday, December 9, 2013

Giving Thanks...

I know I'm over week late to the game, but don't they say you should count your blessings EVERY day, not just on the "big ticket" ones?

Yeah, I'm rollin' with that.

(Really, I just have some cute pictures from Thanksgiving that I want to show you!) :)

First up, this little man.

He warms my heart. Absolutely, positively, the most amazing little guy. 

Remember him here?

Crazy that he's already 1.

I think it's time they had another...they did so well with the first one that there needs to be a sequel. :)

Then, there's this little girl.

This little munchkin that was never in "our" plans but THANK GOODNESS God had a better vision than we!

This guy.


Hot damn, he lights my fire.

This dude.

His "official" senior can he be over 1/4 of the way through his senior year. Hard to believe that at this time next year, he'll be away at college, preparing for finals week. *sob*

And my little lady.

She who is my mini me. I am marveling in her as she grows and matures by the day.

How about the family "softy"...a sturdy exterior belies his soft heart.

Caring, hard working, eager to please...and TALKATIVE. Holy man. My ears. ;)

And our Hambone.

Goofy. Silly. Not a serious bone in his body (we'll see how that serves him as he grows older)...the fun loving big brother to his baby sister.

Good gracious, I am one blessed lady. (I had to throw this one in, to show the crazy that happens when it comes time for a family photo...Baby Girl's pose just kills me!)

Amazed by the way God has touched my life. Surpassed even my wildest expectations...

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