Monday, December 23, 2013

A Simple Little Prayer...

That is so incredibly powerful.

We just celebrated our annual Christmas soiree with my amazing friend, Dr. J, and her family. One thing that is awesome (one of MANY) about our friendship, is that we were raised with and continue to share the same faith.

So, we can talk about faith without it being "weird" or awkward, just like we can all pray the same prayer at supper time without worrying if it makes one or the other feel uncomfortable. It's an easy friendship in so many ways!

J. was telling us a story and in the story she mentioned a prayer that she says on her way to work every morning. It went something like this:

"God, please let my eyes be your eyes, let my hands be your hands, and let my ears be your ears."

J is a family physician, so these words are powerful to her profession...but it was what they can mean to ALL of us that really resonated with me. I really started to think about these words and the power they hold for our daily life and's all I can think about lately!

Then, I started thinking of the ways I can add to that prayer, for my own life..."God, please let my voice be your voice, let my thoughts be your thoughts, let my HEART be your HEART." We are imperfect people living in a broken world but what if...? What if we all said this prayer to start our day?

"God, let my heart be your heart."

Imagine, for a second, what just that one part of that prayer could do. "Let MY heart be YOUR heart." We all have room to grow. Areas for improvement. Ways in which we can better ourselves...and what if our hearts were like God's? 

"Let MY heart be YOUR heart, Lord."


Merry (almost) Christmas, my dear friends!

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  1. I love this prayer. I think I need to add "let my words be your words" to the prayer as well. I'm going to type up this prayer and put it in my car so that I see it each day. Thank you. Merry Christmas!


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