Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh boy...

Here I find myself 27 days before Christmas, 26 days before the majority of my gifts are needed, 23 days until I start my 4 day work stretch before Christmas (my weekend AND my holiday to work...woe is the life of a nurse) and I've barely started. Oy.

Usually my mom and I do a Mall of America trip to get a jump start on Christmas shopping, which we didn't do this year because of Florida but which we've now both realized just how much shopping we actually got done! By the time Dubya's birthday usually arrives, I'm so deep in "Christmas mode" that I have to change gears and shut off the Christmas part of my brain to do his birthday shopping.

This year?

I was all "Dubya's Birthday mode"! Which isn't so bad, really, but means I'm very far behind.

Which means that every spare moment for the next 23 days I will be shopping. 

Maybe I'll win the Powerball tonight and I can just give out million dollar checks for Christmas.

Hey, that sounds like a win/win for everyone!

Powerball it is.

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  1. Add me to your Christmas list, please and thank you. ;)


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