Thursday, November 1, 2012

His Birth...

As told from an aunt's perspective!

When my SIL's induction got delayed a day due to many other babies wanting to come into this world on 10/24, I was bummed for her but ecstatic for me because...I worked the next day!

I wanted to be at Baby C's birth more than I can ever begin to explain, but I wasn't sure how my SIL would feel about that. We had already talked about the possibility of me being HER nurse and decided that I wouldn't be...for me it was more that I was too emotionally invested and I was afraid if things started going bad that I wouldn't be able to separate nurse from aunt.

So, the night before her rescheduled induction, I sent her a text. It went something like this:

"So, I've been thinking, feel free to say no!, but just wondering, you know, if it's okay, if possibly, ONLY if you're comfortable with it, that maybe, perhaps, if you really don't mind, that I could potentially be Baby C's nurse at his delivery. FEEL FREE TO SAY NO! It's YOUR thing, not mine! But maybe?"

And she wrote back something like, "Baby nurse?"

And I was all, "ONLY if you don't mind! Yes, every baby has it's own nurse at deliveries and I'd love it, if you're okay with it, 'cuz I understand if you'd rather not, but I'd really enjoy to be there...BUTONLYIFYOUDON'TCARE!"

And she was all, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That would be awesome! Imagine that story as you're growing up!"

And I was all, *big deep breath that I didn't know I was holding*, "YAY!!! See you tomorrow!"

Guys? It worked out. I was able to be my nephew's nurse and while I attend births every time I'm at work and they are all amazing, there is just...something...about having an emotional connection to the baby you are witnessing take his first breath.

It was wonderful.

Everything went so well, that I was able to grab a few "fresh after delivery" photos of my nephew and his proud mama and dad! Watching my big brother become a dad for the very first time was a blessing in and of itself.

There may have been a few tears...and I won't tell you if they were mine or his! (Or both?!)

Anyway...some of my favorites...

I just love that little guy.


  1. How sweet! That will be an amazing story as your nephew grows up! :)

  2. That is so wonderful. Not to mention the baby is absolutely precious.

  3. This is so sweet! We are expecting our third little one this April and I absolutely cannot wait! This is one of the most amazing experiences life has to offer and I am so thankful I get to have it to treasure. Congratulations on your sweet little nephew!!

  4. I love the one of him with his little squinty eyes trying to open with all that gooky ointment. So sweet!

  5. What an adorable little man! Being present at births are amazing. I have been at six births not including my own! I watched my sister birth all three of her babies. I watched one of my friends birth her baby and I watched another friend birth her two kiddos! Absolutely the most AMAZING experience ever!

  6. How sweet & precious. That will be an amazing story to tell him many years later once he is older!


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